BRIDE in Action!
I'm so happy to introduce the newest Babe & Watch game from, BRIDE! It's finally ready for the world, so please check it out!

In BRIDE, you are the brave Bridesmaid, eager to get married next! Catch the flowers to make a beautiful bouquet worthy of a blushing bride, but watch out for your rivals! They're grabby! Will you take the first suitor that comes along? Or will you wait for Mr. Right?

It's free and playable in the browser, on mobile and desktop! So I hope you'll jump right in and catch the man of your dreams!

Click to Play BRIDE!
Here's the manual if you want to read over how to play the game in MAME as well as look at the controls:

Click Here to Read Manual

I hope you enjoy playing BRIDE! If you're looking for more fun games, please check out our studio website for more:

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