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Stream = Awesome! Thank you to everyone who came by today to watch the stream at Montrosechat. I had a lot of fun chatting and drawing for y'all.

And thank you especially to the commissioner of this piece, michelous. It's a cover for his upcoming fanfiction featuring Shirou from Fate/stay night and Ryuuko from Kill La Kill. It's gonna be naughty as you can tell from this illustration. ;D

And here's the final piece!

Click for Larger Image!
Click for Larger Image!

If you're up for more streaming, I'm going to be doing 24 Hour Comic Day Perth again this year, so mark the calendar for Sept 22-23 (Sept 21-22 for Western Hemisphere types!). 24 HOURS OF COMICKING! I hope to produce the requisite 24 pages again. Let's find out! I'm pumped for the 80s theme!

OK, time for sleep, where I'm a Valkyrie! Night!

Gathering storm.