It's gotten started here at Montrose early! Check out what ReD_InK did for our art trade. Yuuki's a witch! Well, the way Red draws her is quite bewitching. Love them legs! And hey Loki! Thank you so much, ReD_Ink! ^_^

And what'd I do for my part of the art trade? Why I drew a spooky pic of Red's Titan Girl:

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I was going for demon girl, but it went more succubus according to the members of Montrosechat. I can see that, but I think she's still quite devilish. Oh! And here's the final pic:

Thank you again for the art trade, Red_InK! And thank you to everyone who came by Montrosechat today for the stream. Another stream later this week! Hope to see you there! :D

Eyes on the power.