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New tablet means I have to draw Yuuki! I just got the new iPad Pro 12.9-inch today, and boy is it sharp. I'm loving how much better the inking seems in Procreate (which also updated today to 4.2). I'm looking forward to having more power, and I'm starting to love iOS 12 now that I have the new iPad Pro. It makes a hell of a lot more sense.

So this is Summerfree, a Space Gray Third Generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch model with 1TB storage in the Wifi-only configuration. I also got the Second Generation Apple Pencil and the Second Generation Smart Keyboard Folio.

I'm still wondering why Apple insists on not having any kind of grip on the Pencil, but I've remedied that by using the grip from my long dead Wacom stylus. It passes from one generation to the next. I'll just take it off when I charge it. I'm also getting used to the new Keyboard, but I think I like it better over all. The two positions are really nice. One for viewing, one for typing. :D

Alright, Summerfree! Let's get drawerin'!