NSFW! Download This Video and More at MEGA!

Haven't done a comic stream since 24 Hour Comic Day Perth 2018! Too long because today was fun! Thank you to everyone who came out for the stream. It was awesome getting to chat with you all. If you missed it, no worries! Check out the sped-up video above to see the action.

Thank you especially to the commissioner, Lifeforce, for this great idea. I took his madcap idea of Loki and Lilly and made it into comic form. I love the quad-boob idea so much, so it had to go in definitely!

And here's the comic for your viewing pleasure. NSFW of course:

Click for Uncensored Image!
Click for Uncensored Image!
Click for Uncensored Image!
And here's the storyboard so you can see what changed a bit from the original plan:

Click for Larger Image!
And that's it! More art coming your way, so be sure to check Sketchbook for more!

The sun is far.