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24 Hour Comic Day cometh! So I'm going to post one of my 24 hour comics each day this week till the challenge begins. Today's FREE COMIC offering is the first one I ever did, Last Days on the Battleship. If you like abandoned children, death, and depleted coal mines, this is the comic for you! The inspiration, Gunkanjima, is a really interesting tale of running out of resources and how a place can stand still. Enjoy!

Are you joining the challenge? I am with my good friends at 24 Hour Comic Day Perth! I hope you'll come by Montrosechat for the festivities! They'll be going from Friday, October 4, 2019, @ 10pm EDT (Sat, Oct 5 @ 3am UTC, 12pm AEST), so come on by for some of it! There'll be Good Tunes, Great Chat, and as always, the Greatest Tits. See you there!