Getting ready for 24 Hour Comic Day! So here's another of my own 24 hour comics for FREE: God Save the Busty Queen. This is the Wandering Queen's first appearance, and she's a winner, literally! I won the 24 Hour Comic Challenge Australia 2015 24 Page 1st Prize with this comic, so why not download it for FREE and see what's the hubbub!

If you want to make your own 24 hour comic, check out 24 Hour Comic Day Perth for details! If you want to watch some of the 24 hour comic making madness, come by Montrosechat for the festivities! It all starts Friday, October 4, 2019, @ 10pm EDT (Sat, Oct 5 @ 3am UTC, 12pm AEST) and goes on for 24 hours! There'll be Good Tunes, Great Chat, and as always, the Greatest Tits. See you there!