I've got Saturday Night Fever! The only cure is a stream! Come on by Montrosechat for streaming fun tonight @ 9pm EDT (1am UTC, 11am AEST). You're gonna be in for a surprise. ;D

Oh! And you want to the see the full picture from the ad, here ya go!

See you tonight!

I think so.
Want a commission from me? EMAIL ME FOR ONE! You can request pencils, inks, and color illustrations! I'm pretty flexible and love working on the sexier side of things. Don't be shy! Anything considered within reason and law of course! If you want to see more examples of my stuff, please check out the rest of my Sketchbook.

Oh, and look at the quality of tits that just a sketch can get ya! Imagine what else I can do, like in color. ;D

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Looking forward to working with you!

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Working on something sexy. ;D

Things are a-changin'...
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Are You Beach Body Ready? Bondi is. Ah, Summer is over. It's in your hands now, Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy the views of summer for me...

(Yay, winter! Leggings!)

Night and day.