Montroseacademy was founded sometime in the last millennium on a Thursday night. On that night, a great webcomic alliance was forged. Tom_Swan and Kittyhawk swore to make the best comic ever. They called it the Jar, and yea, it was confusing. That didn't stop them though...

the Jar ended, but Kittyhawk fights on with her tech-husband Trevor by her side. Her current series are Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (SGVY to save your tongue) and Useless King. She has also worked on Itari Party! and Quickies!

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is the story of a girl's wacky life and all the crazy characters she has to wrangle everyday because she's the only responsible one, but watch out! She's a strange one at times too! Yay!

Nah, it's really a magical girl parody about a transgendered valkyrie who fights along side Norse gods.

Itari Party! and Quickies! are porn comic series you can check out at Montrosemart, and Useless King is another one coming soon to Montrosemart. Itari Party! is 1980s video game office sex porn (high concept much?). Quickies! is quick, dumb sexy fun. And finally, Useless King is systems yaoi with a bit of history thrown in for good measure. I guarantee you'll fap.

Kittyhawk Comicker, Graphic Designer, Consolephile

Born: Newport, RI, USA
Birthday: 12 July
Favorite Movie: Whisper of the Heart
Favorite Album: Time by ELO
Favorite Food: Fried egg on toast

Kittyhawk lives somewhere in South East Queensland with her husband, computers, and iPad Pro. She enjoys video games, news, anime, comics, and Sega Saturn.