Hi! Kittyhawk here! Welcome to my Commission Form. Here you can see what kind of commissions I’m open to doing with examples. There is also a contact form if you’re interested in a commission.

When using the contact form, please give me as much detail as you can about your commission, like what characters, number of figures, subject matter, etc. The more you give me, the faster the process will be. Do not be shy! NSFW is A-OK. Just keep your commission request within Reason and Law. If you have reference images, please provide links to them, or if you wish to send them through email, please indicate that in your description. Also, let me know if you want your commission to be private or if you don’t mind me streaming it at Montrose.is/chatting because I do that every Saturday Night at 9pm EDT (1am UTC).

I will respond as quickly as I can to your commission request and let you know if it’s all good and/or I need more information. Once all the details are hashed out, I’ll give you a quote and how to pay. I look forward to working with you!
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You will receive an email from kittyhawk@montrose.is when I reply to you. Please check your spam folder if I do not get back to you within a week. That's usually what it is.
Thanks for your interest!